Wednesday, September 19, 2012

C'mon, it's only been 4 months... WHAT!?

I sorta fell off the blogging bandwagon for our family blog. WHOOPS! So, unless you are family, the upcoming barrage of 26 photos is probably not your cup of... whatever your drink of choice might be.  ;-)

Time to catch up on some Nelson Family summer highlights...

We inherited a new trampoline... complete with complimentary static

We gave Momma a makeover because seriously... she needed one. :)

We enjoyed Sunday drives... er... maybe

One of us discovered the iPhone

We took our family summer "trip" to Holiday World. (A MUST if you have kids and live within reasonable driving distance...)

We practiced our  "smile-for-the-camera" faces... Nailed it.

We celebrated a Daddy birthday in July

We even made a huge birthday banner

We snuggled the birthday boy

We got into trouble. 
(Momma for putting Lizzi in such a dangerous position... Lizzi for... well, okay... Lizzi actually gets away with pretty much everything.)

We lost a couple things.

We were too cool for school

We practiced being cute, and...

... some of us interpreted "cute" differently than others...

We learned new things 
(Like how to sit up)

We went 8 seconds on "the Daddy"

We grew out our hair

We gave "real school" a try with outfits we created ourselves... complete with random jump rope

We lit our 4th of July fireworks in August

Gave our street a bath... actually, Someone else did that.

Practiced our mad reading skills

Served our fellow men
(Helped paint the Herrin Crisis Center)

We all pitched in

We had beautiful days together

We hit the candy jackpot at two different parades

We played outside a lot (no that's not our truck OR our house)

We made lots of new friends

We helped Momma in the kitchen whenever we had the chance

And SOME of us had lots of good sleep. :-)

We had a great summer, and are LOVING the beginning of this beautiful Fall season. Natalie is thoroughly enjoying Kindergarten, making new friends, and learning new things. Abi is my wonderful little helper, still has the CUTEST giggle on the planet, and is the sweetest big sister to our little Lizzi. Our littlest one is growing up way too fast, and is exactly like a cabbage patch doll! I'm busy as can be, but loving it. Cory is now on cruise control till the end of residency, and is currently applying for Sports Medicine fellowships. 

We are healthy.
We are happy.
We are a little bit silly.

Life is good. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

"Oh, What Do You Do in the Summer Time?": Post 1 of 4

Since I'm soooo far behind AGAIN, and don't want to spend too much time on here, (places to go, people to see, babies to play with, and all that) I'll just give you a photo run-down of what the Nelson family has been up to lately:

Rollerskating for the first time

Another first-timer

Getting ready to listen to General Conference... every time they heard a certain word, they could eat one of the corresponding treats.


Falling in the black-green goo of the ditch after painting broken bricks on paper plates

Playing Spiderman

Playing "Save the Ice" before it melts... I was running low on imagination...

More Jumping

And even MORE jumping

Trying new hair-do's

Building a squirrel feeder

Eating tortillas in the bathroom... wait... WHAT?! Gross... also, WHAT?!

Being silly and cute

Being snuggly

Being freaked out by the jingle bell lion

Enjoying our roses

Implementing child labor

Shedding a few tears

Loving the whole child labor concept

Being crazy

Having a guy's hockey night: Redwings vs. Blues

Going to swimming lessons

LOVING swimming lessons

And, of course, ridding the world of terrorists... or crazy inmates... not sure which.