Friday, May 25, 2012

"Oh, What Do You Do in the Summer Time?": Post 1 of 4

Since I'm soooo far behind AGAIN, and don't want to spend too much time on here, (places to go, people to see, babies to play with, and all that) I'll just give you a photo run-down of what the Nelson family has been up to lately:

Rollerskating for the first time

Another first-timer

Getting ready to listen to General Conference... every time they heard a certain word, they could eat one of the corresponding treats.


Falling in the black-green goo of the ditch after painting broken bricks on paper plates

Playing Spiderman

Playing "Save the Ice" before it melts... I was running low on imagination...

More Jumping

And even MORE jumping

Trying new hair-do's

Building a squirrel feeder

Eating tortillas in the bathroom... wait... WHAT?! Gross... also, WHAT?!

Being silly and cute

Being snuggly

Being freaked out by the jingle bell lion

Enjoying our roses

Implementing child labor

Shedding a few tears

Loving the whole child labor concept

Being crazy

Having a guy's hockey night: Redwings vs. Blues

Going to swimming lessons

LOVING swimming lessons

And, of course, ridding the world of terrorists... or crazy inmates... not sure which. 


John said...

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dredwinf ford said...

Each and every children is really adorable.

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